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Hey soul friend,

I'm Virginia Scheuer, the founder, and co-creator of SpeakEasy Enterprise LLC and the Soulpreneurs Association™. I'm here to hold space for your business

Within the Soulpreneurs Club community, I share my teachings and personally support you and your business!

  • Overcoming the most simple and difficult business and personal relationships.
  • Make quick decisions and move through stuck periods in your business.
  • Leverage your intuition and wisdom. The mind and gut are meant to work together not separate.
  • Best branding and launch strategies when you have many talents and a multifaceted business
  • Grow and expand your business into an empire without burnout.

Virginia Scheuer

I've got your back!


How Virginia supports you

You're not alone

Feels good to know that someone has your back, and we've got yours! Never feel alone, and always have the support you need. I'm here to answer your questions, and although I cannot be in all places simultaneously. I promise I or someone else will get back to you within 24 hrs.

Never feel stuck

Beginning in May 2021, I'm bringing back my weekly coursework with inspirations for your business. Never feel stuck in your journey; I'm here for ya.

Forward movement

Whether you need us to hold space for you while you are going through a major life change or are thriving and going strong in your business, Soulpreneurs is here to help you thrive. We believe in a wholistic approach to business, which means that we approach your goals understanding all of your needs.

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New community

for multi-passionate

soul-driven professionals.


Get away from the noise of social media, to do real authentic work on self and business.

Back at the end of 2018, I had a huge download that Facebook and other social media platforms were not truly conducive to the work that I help my clients with. I went on to begin the process of building an app that would change the way people did social media.

Through tests, trials, bumps, and hurdles, I kept the dream alive by listening to feedback, testing, and upgrading the alignment with the vision. Now, while we are not perfect, I am creating a new community for my lifers and all of the fresh new beautiful faces that will be coming in!


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