About Us

Dedicated to serving soulpreneurs

Soulpreneurs Association has many offerings already and is still in its infancy when it comes to reaching the world. Hey, this is Virginia Scheuer. I'm the founder, co-creator, and curator of this association. The idea for this beautiful collective was from the need for a place where those driven by the soul will thrive.

Our mission is simple.

We're here to make online life a little simpler so you can get back to doing what you love with the people you love doing it with.

How do we do this?

We provide Soul Software™ - Software systems that are designed with the Soulpreneur in mind. We've first been developing the Body Soul App. The first social app dedicated to serving soulpreneurs and helping them grow their communities and house their course content. Find out more at BodySoul.app.

Second, we are piloting an all-in-one online platform called SpeakEasy Playground. It is where soulpreneurs can communicate with clients via texting, email, Facebook, and coming soon Instagram and Whatsapp. The soulpreneur can also build their website, marketing funnel, and membership platform! If you'd like to be a founding member and find out more information go to speakeasyplayground.com.

Soulpreneurs Association™

Meet our Board Members

Joy Ruffen

A couple of Joy’s many career highlights include: being bestowed with the honor of first black fashion buyer at the high-end specialty store, Best and Company, in NYC, where Jacqueline Kennedy would frequently be spotted shopping. Add to this; she was also the first black fashion representative for Vogue/Butterick, which allowed her the opportunity to travel all around the country for seven years. Additionally, Joy has had much experience producing runway shows from start to finish (including hiring all of the models, makeup artists, and hairstylists and accessorizing the looks) for high-end department stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, and Macy's. Joy also had the pleasure of knowing Maya Angelou. Maya’s younger brother attended the same school as Joy, which allowed them to develop a friendship and for Joy to become the recipient of many seeds of Maya’s profound wisdom, which have been deeply bestowed in her heart and graciously shared with others. Today, Joy stands for professional women, catering to those like herself who are in their 2nd. Act. Those women who desire to shine and excel in whatever it is that they do career-wise. These women still feel vital, vibrant, and valuable and want to empower other women to feel the same.

Lisa Mann Jones

My background comes 20 years of experience in Labor/Delivery & Psychiatric Mental Health. I have a Master's in Nursing & Integrative Health & have completed over four different certifications for Wellness & Life, Business & Spiritual Coaching. Today, I help teach women how to walk a natural path to hormone balance,

discover inner peace & guided intuition. How to start their own business as

SOUL-led entrepreneurs.

Divine Feminine Activationist, Meditation Guide, Usui Reiki Master,

Professional Wellness Coach, Registered Nurse, Sister, this is a transitional time we are living in. Something is RISING up within you, and my intuition says it is

a message from your SOUL!

Theresa King

All my programs are about Miracles & Recovering your MOJO. Or enhancing OUR MOJO! To me OUR MOJO is about our original "core essence" we were born with before all the stuff & things arrived in our life.

I am a Certified Life & Business Coach, 24 years of working within and around Trauma & 15 years as an entrepreneur. I am a daughter, sister, mother of 3 awesome adult children, one pup pup “Lovie” & Nanny Bear to 4 grands, 3 girls & one real real real boy!!

Yes, I’ll admit I’m a little sassy, sweet & salty, slightly naughty (just for fun) plus I’d say a non-traditional in life & business.

Annah Kate Gillette

Hey Liberator, I'm Annah Kate, your transformation trainer and advocate to Liberate Your Awesome when life seems to have other plans.

Being thrown a curveball of chronic illness, I've learned the skills to overcome and embrace life like never before. It is time to share all of my secrets with our community. As a trainer and coach with a lifelong passion for health and wellness, learning and growing never stop!

-Certified Health Coach - Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (Families and Seniors)

-Life Coach Certifications - Strategic Life Coaching and Training Academy.

-Meditation and Mindfulness Certifications- Monroe Institute.

-Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor (Cyco-Therapist). - ISSA

-Certified nutrition specialist ISSA

It is possible to have results and eat the cookie too...

Co-Creator of Body Soul App

Podcast Co-Host (Coming Soon)